Speech Language and Communication

Support for your child’s speech, language and communication

Talking is so important for children to communicate their needs.  Who hasn’t experienced the frustration of a toddler who can’t get the words out to tell you what’s wrong?

The Flying Start Early Language Development team run a variety of groups to help parents to develop their child’s communication skills.  We carry out an assessment on the children at 18months called WellComm and this tells us what sort of talking session they would benefit the most from.

There are drop in sessions for all and there are groups which are more focused on the reluctant talkers.  All of the sessions offer quality indoor and outdoor activities, to support children to learn through play and develop their language skills.

The Early Language Development team are also supported by the Flying Start Speech and Language Therapist for more complex issues.

Most of these sessions are carried out before your child is due to attend childcare.  Some children naturally come on with age and when benefiting from a language rich environment during their time in playgroup but our groups are there to help as well.

If you want more information, please contact 0800 0196 330.