Early Intervention – Information for Professionals

Within Early Years we look at how best we can support families with an emerging need, where resources are available.  We aim to provide an integrated approach to Family Support services utilising the existing structures and systems delivered by all Early Years Services.

Torfaen Early Intervention Panel has been established to provide a single point of access, regardless of funding streams, to provide early intervention and additional support to vulnerable children and families identified for those with emerging needs under our Universal services offer.

The Torfaen Early Years ALN Provision Map is guidance for all groups of Early Years professionals:

  • Early Years Settings
  • Child Minders
  • ALNCos and ALN Leads in Early Years settings
  • Teachers and support staff
  • LA Inclusion Staff

This document sets out Torfaen’s service offer and processes for meeting the requirements of the ALN and Educational Tribunal Act 2018 and sets out how to access the Local Authority services and provisions for early years learners.

To view Torfaen Education Early Years ALN Provision Map for 0-5 year olds please click here 

For more information contact the Early Years ALN Lead Officer: charlotte.dickens@torfaen.gov.uk