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Child Minder
Childminders are registered childcare providers who work in their own homes caring for children from birth up to the age of 12 years and for more than 2 hours a day.
Day Nursery
Day nurseries provide childcare for young children from birth to age 5. They usually open from early morning to early evening, Monday to Friday, all year round.
After School Club
After school clubs provide childcare after school hours, and are a safe place for children to play, relax and socialise.
Holiday Club
Holiday clubs provide a wide range of play activities for children during the school holidays. Some are run by schools, while others are run by private or voluntary organisations.
Breakfast Club
Breakfast clubs are usually run by schools, and offer children a safe and supervised place to go before school.
Playgroups cater mainly for children aged 2½ to 5 years, usually for 2 to 3 hours in the morning or afternoon and mainly during term time.
Family Support Services
Family support services cover a range of support services, networks and facilities for parents and carers and young people to enhance their capacity to cope with the challenges of family life.
Children & Young People’s Activities
A range of information about local clubs and activities for children and young people.
Parent & Toddler Group
Parent and toddler groups provide opportunities for children and parents to socialise in an informal and friendly setting.
Leisure activities across Torfaen.
Open Access Play
Open Access Play provision can be permanent or short-term provision, located in a variety of settings with or without premises including play centres, adventure playgrounds, playschemes and parks.
School-based Nurseries
School-based nurseries provide early education and childcare to young children.