Parenting Support

Bringing up children is one of the most important responsibilities for individual parents, families and communities.

Parenting ability is not something that is suddenly acquired, but involves continually developing knowledge, skills, understanding and self-awareness.

The Parenting groups have been devised to assist parents through the challenges you may face whilst bringing up your children.

Torfaen host several Parenting Programme’s each term held at various locations.

Family Links Nurturing Programme

This is a 10-week course for parents and carers. It builds positive relationships based on 4 key ideas:

  • Self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Appropriate expectations
  • Empathy
  • Positive discipline

This course offers an opportunity to learn some tips for parents as well as the chance to meet other parents. Topics covered include:

  • The power of praise
  • Behaviour to ignore
  • Rewards and penalties
  • Coping with feelings
  • Nurturing ourselves
  • Helping children to grow up
  • Parenting Support Services

Incredible Years Baby Programme 

This is a relaxed and fun 8-week course designed for parents with a baby 0-6 months. Topics covered include:

  • How to bond with your baby
  • Helping your baby to sleep
  • Weaning
  • Safety
  • When to call a Doctor

The course is delivered using DV clips and group discussions. Your baby with you in the group and every session includes being active with your baby.

Incredible Years Toddler Programme

This is a fun 10-week course designed for parents with a toddler aged 1-2 years old. Topics covered include:

  • Promoting Toddler’s language
  • Praise and Encouragement
  • Handling Separations and Reunions
  • Effective Limit Settings
  • Positive Discipline

The course is delivered using DVD clips and group discussions. There will be a crèche available for your toddler.

Incredible Years Basic Programme 

The Basic Programme is a 12-week course which promotes the use of praise and incentives to encourage co-operative behaviour together with positive discipline looking at:

  • Setting house rules
  • Routines
  • Effective limit setting which strengthen children’s social skills and emotional regulation
  • The use of time-out strategies

Family Links Talking Teens – parents of teens

Talking Teens workshops are based upon current research on adolescent development and parenting.  They are designed for parents of teenagers and those whose children are approaching the teen years.

They aim to improve the relationship between parents and teens by: Exploring the importance of parents for teenagers; Developing parents understanding of teenage development and the influence of brain development on behaviour; Developing parents understanding of the importance of listening, verbal and non-verbal communication with teenagers; Promoting positive approaches to boundary setting and problem solving; and providing an opportunity for parents to share their experience with other parents.  4 sessions are offered.

Family Links Welcome to the World – age range – antenatal

The eight sessions are a relaxed way for parents to think about the transition to parenthood and discuss issues that can be a challenge for every new mother and father.

Over the eight weeks you’ll meet with other parents and trained group leaders to talk about important questions such as “How is my baby developing?” “How should I feed my baby?” “What will I do when my baby cries?” “Is help available?”

Parents attend the group from approx. 22 weeks of pregnancy

There are eight 2-hour sessions with tea and coffee break

8-10 parents are invited and there are two Family Links trained group leaders

For more information contact:

Lead Parenting Officer

Tel: 01633 648792

For Dads by Dads

A 10 week programme for new and expectant dads who want to learn more about fatherhood and be the best dad they can be.

For more information call 07980682256 or email

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