Home Based Childcare (within child’s own home)/ Nanny
A nanny can provide childcare for children of any age within the child’s own home or for up to two families within one of the family homes under a nanny share arrangement. Nannies could operate the following services:

  • Live-in nannies
  • Daily nannies
  • Nanny share arrangement (in Wales a nanny looking after children of more than two families must register with CIW as a Childminder.


A nanny could work full or part time and could work flexible hours to fit work hours, such as shift working, subject to agreement. Nannies can advertise their services independently or could join an agency.

Nannies do not currently have to be registered with CIW although there is a voluntary register of home based childcarers operated by CIW, which verifies that the individual: has met the minimum requirements and  carried out a Disclosure and Barring Service ( (DBS check). There is a cost to register and more information can be found at

Nannies that are registered under the Voluntary Approval Scheme can offer parents increased benefits, as parents may be able to access financial help towards their services through Tax Credits / Universal Credits which recognises childcare registered by the scheme or though employer supported childcare. Nannies registered with the Scheme can also make their information available to the public via the Family Information Service.

For more information please contact Torfaen Family Information on Freephone 0800 0196 330 or email If you would like to become an approved nanny, please visit our page for more details here

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