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Working together to safeguard people: Code of safeguarding practice | GOV.WALES

Staying safe when enjoying activities and using services leaflet (

This Code of Safeguarding Practice sets out Welsh Government expectations in relation to safeguarding arrangements. Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility.

The Welsh Government expects individuals, groups and organisations offering activities or service to follow this advice. This will demonstrate reasonable steps are being taken to ensure the safety of children and adults at risk.

Across Wales, individuals, groups and organisations offer a rich and varied range of activities and services for people to enjoy. This can range from more informal social groups to activities that support children or adults to enjoy sports, gain new skills or share an interest, to activities offered by faith groups.

Some individuals, groups and organisations are affiliated to, registered with or funded by national bodies offering support with safeguarding. This should include policies, training and processes to ensure people are safe when they engage in activities or services. Many safeguarding accreditation schemes, quality marks and codes exist for specific types of setting (places where activities are offered). There is legislation in place in Wales that requires public bodies to safeguard people from harm. Where services are commissioned (funded) by public bodies there are contractual requirements to have safeguarding arrangements in place.

However, not every individual, group or organisation will have access to support to operate safely in this way. Some may not realise how important it is to have safeguarding arrangements in place and some may not know where to go for advice and support

The Childcare Offer for Wales Small Capital Grant Funding  – Applications now open

Torfaen Childcare Team are pleased to announce the Capital Funding Small Grants Applications/Terms and Condition is now open for all Childcare Providers.

All settings registered with Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) who are offering Childcare Offer places for 3 and 4 year olds or who intend to offer places are eligible to apply. This includes childminders, private and voluntary sector providers, and maintained settings offering day care, wrap around care, holiday play schemes, etc. Applications can also be considered from childcare providers who are in the process of applying for registration; The childcare setting must be based in Wales; applications cannot be considered for childcare settings located in England even if there are Welsh children attending.

If you need any advice or support in applying for this funding please contact Torfaen Family Information Service or your Childcare Development Officer:

FIS – 0800 0196 330

Bronwen McDonnell– 01633 648114

Jo Forward – 01633 648114

Applications will be taken to a Childcare Offer Capital Funding panel made up of Torfaen Local Authority staff, as well as the Umbrella Organisations. The first panel meeting will be held on Thursday 26th September and will be held every six weeks. If there are any queries prior to approval, these will be actioned by our Childcare Development Officers who will be in touch with yourselves.

We look forward to receiving your applications and consider this to be a fantastic opportunity for all Childcare providers in Torfaen; to enable you to increase the number of Childcare Offer 3 and 4 year old places you are able to offer or to improve the quality of the facilities you offer.

The Guidance and Application can be downloaded here

The Welsh level checker for the Childcare, Early Years and Playwork workforce

The Learn Welsh Level Checker is a diagnostic tool specifically designed
to help the Childcare, Early Years and Playwork workforce to help
accurately identify their current level of Welsh language competency. For more information please click here.

Childcare Network Meetings

Your childcare network evening allows you to meet other local childcare providers, share good practice and speak with members of the childcare team.