Mission Statement / Structure / History of FIS

Mission Statement “Torfaen Family Information Service will provide quality, accessible and impartial information and guidance on the full range of Early Years and Childcare services, resources and issues led by the needs of children and their families, carers, employers, professionals, local and national government and their agencies.”

Torfaen Family Information Service (FIS)  is provided by Torfaen County Borough Council’s Education Service. The FIS is a statutory service – local authorities are required by the Welsh Government’s Childcare Act 2006 to provide this information service for people living within the local authority area. Torfaen County Borough Council ensures that the FIS is free to use.

Torfaen Children’s Information Service (CIS) was created in 2002 as a result of the Welsh Government’s Childcare Action Plan and was orginally based in County Hall Cwmbran. Since then, the service has relocated to the Cwmbran Integrated Children’s Centre in order to become even more accessible to the public.

In 2008, the service was re-branded as Torfaen Family Information Service (FIS) due to the changes to the service under the new Childcare Act 2006 (which came into force in 2008). A new duty under the Act is to assess local childcare provision and Torfaen FIS carries out the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment for Torfaen County Borough Council.