Positive Parenting

Parenting has been defined as:

"an activity undertaken by those who bring up children, this includes mothers and fathers, foster carers and adoptive parents, step-parents, and grandparents. In some cases, siblings also undertake a parenting role. All of these play a crucial role in giving the children in their care a flying start in life, providing the best basis for children’s and young people’s growth and development.”

(The Welsh Assembly Government Parenting Action Plan, 2005)

On this page you can find out more about:
What is the Torfaen Parenting Stategy?
Parenting Programmes
The Family Links Nurturing Programme
The Incredible Years Basic Programme
The Incredible Years Baby Programme
Parenting Support Services in Torfaen
and Top Tips for parenting

The Torfaen Parenting Strategy 2011-2014 details the intentions of Torfaen County Borough Council and their partners in supporting parenting in Torfaen during 2011 to 2014. It includes aims to:

  • Support parents and families across Torfaen with appropriate, evidence-based parenting programmes;
  • Support parents to enhance their confidence and self-esteem;
  • Work with parents to ensure their children have a flying start in life;
  • Enable parents to take an active role in their children's development through the availability of a range of information and support.

Parenting Programmes
Several parenting programmes run in Torfaen each term.These are held in various locations and may be either the Family Links Nurturing Programme or the Incredible Years Basic Programme. They are free and you can bring your children with you to some of the courses - although you will need to check with your course provider.

Family Links Nurturing Programme
This is a 10-week course for parents and carers. It builds positive relationships based on 4 key ideas:

  • Self-awareness and self-esteem

  • Appropriate expectations

  • Empathy

  • Positive discipline
This course offers an opportunity to learn some tips for parents, as well as the chance to meet other parents. Topics covered include:
  • The power of praise
  • Behaviour to ignore
  • Rewards and penalties
  • Coping with feelings
  • Nurturing ourselves
  • Helping children to grow up

Incredible Years Basic Programme
The Basic Programme is a 12-week course which promotes the use of praise and incentives to encourage co-operative behaviour together with positive discipline looking at:

  • Setting house rules
  • Routines
  • Effective limit setting which strengthen children’s social skills and emotional regulation
  • The use of time-out strategies

Incredible Years Baby Programme
This is a relaxed and fun 8-week course designed for parents with a baby 0-6 months. Topics covered include:

  • How to bond with your baby
  • Helping your baby to sleep
  • Weaning
  • Safety
  • When to call a Doctor
The course is delivered using DVD clips and group discussions. Your baby is with you in the group and every session includes being active with your baby.

Strengthening Families (10-14)
This is a 7-week programme for families to attend together. Each week there is a parent session, a youth session, and a combined family session. There is also a light snack provided as these are usually held in the early evening. Support is also provided for other children younger than 10 years old.
Topics covered include:
•Building Family Communication
•Making House Rules
•Using Love and limits
•Handling Peer Pressure

For more information on any of the Parenting programmes please contact: Yvonne Hayes, Multi-Agency Parenting Co-ordinator, on 01495 766479

Parenting Support Services
In Torfaen there are a number of groups held as well as childcare to support parents and families – contact the Family Information Service on freephone 0800 0196 330 or email fis@torfaen.gov.uk

Parenting Top Tips
All parents need help from time to time and we have some helpful tips for parents and carers which can be viewed or downloaded by clicking here (pdf) icon_format_pdf.gif in Welsh here. icon_format_pdf.gif

These include:

  • The power of play
  • Understanding our children’s feelings and behaviour
  • Using rewards
  • Diverting & distracting
  • Creating boundaries
  • Time to calm down
  • Celebrating family time

Remember: Vaccinations
Please click here for a schedule for routine childhood vaccinations.

We have a range of parenting booklets including the following produced by Children in Wales that you may find helpful for your family:

  • Over the top behaviour in under tens
  • Help at Hand
  • From Breakfast to Bedtime
For a copy of any of these booklets you can contact the Torfaen Family Information Service on 0800 0196 330 or Email: FIS@torfaen.gov.uk or visit our 'Publications and Resources' page to download a copy.

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