Publications and Resources for Parents

Meningitus B vaccine for babies September 2015
MenB Baby Sept 2015.png MenB Baby Sept 2015 WELSH.png

Information For Expectant Parents

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Roadmap of the Child Protection Process

Roadmap to Child protection process.png Roadmap to Child protection process welsh.jpg

Online Gaming - An Introduction for Parents and Carers

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Communities First Torfaen
Communitities First engagement.png Communitities First engagement WELSH.png

Summary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

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Wales Activity Pack
Happy St.David's Day. Click on the below image to download the Wales Activity Pack from Wales Cymru. Enjoy making welsh cakes, learn the national anthem and make your own 3D daffodil and dragon.

St.Davids Day activity pack.png

NSPCC - guide to helping your child to stay safe online
10th February 2015 is UK Safer Internet Day. For more information and lots of tips to help keep your child safe view the bilingual booklet below (click on image) or visit the Share Aware website.

Share Aware.png Share Aware Welsh.png

Public Health Wales - Children's nasal spray flu vaccine 2014
This autumn, children aged 2, 3 and 4 will be offered a nasal spray flu vaccine. For more information, please click on the below leaflets.

playgroup and nursery flu leaflet 14 eng.JPG playgroup and nursery flu leaflet 14 welsh.JPG

Public Health Wales - Advice for Parents - Crying
Please click on the below image for information and advice on how to cope with a crying baby.

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Messages for Practice: Creating a Safe Sleeping Environment for Baby

Please click on the below image for guidance on safe sleeping for babies

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NSPCC Advice for Parents
Please click here to access advice for parents from the NSPCC.

Healthy Start
Healthy Start provides families from low income households across the UK with vouchers to buy milk and infant formula, and fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables. Free vitamin supplements are also available. Please click here to visit the website.

Speech and Language Therapy in Gwent - new website
View the launch flyer below or click here to visit the new website.


Torfaen Play Lending Library 2015

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From Lego to Loopy Dodgem Vehicle, sandsnake to sensory den, you will find a range of play enquipment in the 2015 Catalogue.

The Play Lending Library service is offered by Torfaen County Borough Council to childcare and play activity providers in Torfaen as well as to parents and carers. Toys, equipment and activity packs available are suitable for a range of abilities

View the NEW 2015 Catalogue.pdf here.

For further information please contact Torfaen Play Service on 01495 775091 or via email to or (01495 742953).

Leaflets and Booklets

The following leaflets and booklets may be useful for parents in Torfaen and many of these publications are available from Torfaen Family Information Service.

Click on the image of either the English or Welsh language version to read any of the booklets online.

Alternatively, you can contact us on 0800 0196330 or email to find out if we can send you a copy in the post for free.

Choosing Childcare 2013.bmp Choosing Childcare 2013-Welsh.bmp School Standards.bmp Raising School Standards - Welsh.bmp

SEN booklet for parents.bmp SEN booklet for parents Welsh.bmp
Start4Life.bmp Start4LifeWelsh.bmp

Start4Life - Intro Solid Food.bmp Start4Life - Intro SOlid Food -Welsh.bmp Start4Life - Off to the best start.bmp Start4Life-Off to the best start-welsh.bmp

schools booklet 2015 front page.bmp schools booklet 2015 WELSH.bmp

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Front cover of Help at Hand booklet in English Front cover of Help at Hand booklet in Welsh. Click to download

Front cover of Over the Top Behaviour in the Under Tens booklet. Click to download Front cover of Over the Top Behaviour in the Under Tens booklet. click to download

Front cover of From Breakfast to Bedtime booklet. Click to download Front cover of From Breakfast to Bedtime booklet. Click to download

Front Cover of Family Foods Stage 1 FamilyFoodsStage2.bmp Front cover of Family Foods Stage 3.

fussy food front page.bmp fussy food front page WELSH.bmp

Top Tips Parenting.bmp Top Tips Cymraeg.bmp

better behaviour front page.bmp

foundation phase 2013.bmp foundation phase 2013 welsh.bmp Front cover of Swine Flu Info Eng. Front cover of Swine Flu Info Welsh.

swine flu vacc front cover.bmp swine flu vacc welsh front cover.bmp

Front cover of Anti Bulling Strategy 09. Front cover of Anti-Bullying Strategy 09.

AntiBullyingLeafletEng.bmp AntiBullyingLeafletWelsh.bmp

Front cover of Law-childseats.bmp Law-childseats (Welsh).bmp

Young People and Social Networking Sites.bmp

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Alcohol, you and your child - English.bmp Alcohol, you and your child - Welsh.bmp Childcare Grant Wales.bmp

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Feeding your baby.bmp

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