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"Torfaen Family Information Service will provide free, quality, accessible and impartial information and guidance on the full range of childcare, services, activities and resources, led by the needs of children, young people and their families, carers, employers, professionals, Local and National Government and their agencies."

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Torfaen Family Information Service (formerly Torfaen Children's Information Service) is one of 22 statutory Family Information Services (FISs) in Wales, supported and monitored by the Welsh Government (WG).

Torfaen FIS is administered by Torfaen County Borough Council's Education Service, and is committed to the delivery of the Torfaen Together Plan.

The Torfaen Together Plan sets out a ten year strategy commitment to improve the lives of the people of Torfaen..

To read the TorfaenTogether Plan please click on the image below:

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In May 2002 the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) launched the Childcare Action Plan to support childcare and Early Years Development in Wales and which included actions to introduce start up grants for childminders and to develop 'children's information services' in each locality of Wales.

Torfaen Children's Information Service (CIS) was introduced in 2002, based within County Hall, Cwmbran. Since then, the CIS has grown in terms of the number of staff and the ways in which members of the public and professionals can access the service, with the launch of this website and the development of the online search facilities.

In July 2006, Torfaen CIS relocated to the newly-completed Cwmbran Integrated Children's Centre in Hollybush,Cwmbran, in order to become even more accessible to the public.

What happened to the Children's Information Service?

In May 2008, Torfaen Children's Information Service was rebranded and relaunched as Torfaen Family Information Service in line with additional duties and an expanded remit under the Childcare Act 2006, which came into force in Wales in 2008.

Under The Childcare Act 2006, Local Authorities in Wales are required to undertake childcare sufficiency assessments (section 26), ensure sufficient childcare (section 22) and provide information, advice and assistance to parents, prospective parents and those with parental responsibilty or care of a child, relating to childcare (section 27).

To read The Childcare Act 2006, please click on the link below. Please note that the Act came into force in Wales on 1st April 2008.

Guidance to Local Authorities - Childcare Act 2006 (English version)

SuffAssess2008Image.bmp To read Torfaen's 2008 Childcare Sufficiency Assessment please click on the image of the summary report below:

GapAnalysisDraft.bmp To read Torfaen's 2011 Childcare Sufficiency Assessment Gap Analysis Report Click here (or click on the image to the left).

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